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LuxairCARGO is specialized in all air freight handling at Luxembourg Airport. 
Think BIG: LuxairCARGO has made Luxembourg Airport one of the largest air freight platforms in Europe. 

Every kind of goods are routinely handled: computers, accessories, courrier, express mail, garments, industrial spare parts, perishables, livestock,…

Purpose-built for traffic growth the Cargocenter home of LuxairCARGO is one of Europe’s most advanced, best-equipped airfreight handling facilities. The company’s policy of continuous investment ensures customers benefit from the industry’s latest technologies and techniques.

As a longtime professional handling agent of temperature sensitive cargo, LuxairCARGO opened in spring 2013 a Pharma & Healthcare Center constituting a significant capacity enlargement in this high sensitive sector. The new infrastructure of 3,000 m2 offers two distinct temperature zones (818 m2 “cold”: 2° to 8° C and 1,600 m2 “ambient” 15° to 25° C as well as 70 temperature controlled ULD positions: 2° to 25°C) with permanent temperature monitoring and fulfilling all requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO), IATA and the guidelines for the proper distribution of medicinal products for human use (GDP).

LuxairCARGO also offers its European gateway and neutral road feeder services including physical and document handling. LuxairCARGO provides smooth client solutions for more than 45 major European hubs and its neutral road feeder service grants direct delivery airport to airport, including handling at final destination or delivery to receptor’s warehouse. Direct deliveries are coordinated to ensure on time delivery.

Luxembourg airport has a 4,000 m runway, all-weather Cat IIIb operations, high slot availability and a dedicated cargo ramp for up to 8 wide-body aircraft loading/unloading at the same time.

Luxembourg’s thriving air cargo trade brings clear benefits to the national economy – with more than 3,000 direct jobs and thousands more indirectly – which is why customs and other official bodies strive to minimise administrative requirements and develop new systems to improve traffic flow.

LuxairCARGO has received the Lean & Green Star Award for accomplishing the ambitious objective of reducing of at least 20% their CO2 emissions in 5 years. This challenge was met and surpassed by LuxairCARGO, who reduced its CO2 emissions by over 33% since 2012. 

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