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Spoken Languages

Cabin Crew Luxair Luxembourg Airlines

LuxairGroup’s Commitment to Official Languages

"The Choice is yours. The pleasure to serve you is ours"

We, at LuxairGroup, are proud to serve our customers in all European languages and more. Luxembourg is a country located right in the heart of Europe. Most of our citizens speak several languages: French, German, English and of course, the Luxembourg language in the first place. The country is by essence multilingual and is having a natural openness to foreign cultures. Thus, many of us practice from birth 3 or 4 languages.

Luxembourg citizens are far more varied than the 4 languages quoted above suggest. In fact, LuxairGroup, as one of Luxembourg's major employers, boasts an extraordinary variety of languages and cultures. On board our planes, our flight attendants speak at least the 4 languages quoted above. Many other individuals offer a varied mix including in addition: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and they are of course primarely affected to flights covering these countries.

But it does not stop there, we also have sales personnel, flight and ground staff practising fluently the following languages: Dutch, Danish, Croatian, Icelandic, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Hebrew, Finnish, Polish, Greek, Chinese, Hindi, Punjabi, Filipino, Cape-Verdian and Russian. 
As you can see, we can answer your requests in your native language, with a variety of choice no other European airline can offer.

Fly with us, there is a strong chance we can understand your native language and will be happy to cater to your every needs concerning your travel requirements, and all this in your mother tongue.

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