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Social Responsibility

Social Responsability

The overall mission of LuxairGroup is to assure profitability and sustainability by setting sound foundations and visionary strategies for the company. Considering that its responsibilities range beyond mere economic considerations, social and environmental accountability constitute a major tenet of LuxairGroup’s entrepreneurial vision.

LuxairGroup contributes in the Greater Region’s economic development through social security contributions, taxes and acquiring goods and services. Serving communities in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, optimizing products and services and creating jobs are essential.

LuxairGroup also puts great emphasis on employees’ personal and professional development. Their motivation and well-being at work and in-service training form part of the key elements of our human resources management. Facilitating family and personal life is also policy, consequently flexible work conditions are made available wherever possible to the staff of the company.

Well aware of the impact of its activities on the environment, reducing harm remains a crucial factor in every decision and investment made by LuxairGroup and efforts are conducted on a daily basis.

Keeping the fleet young - currently just over 6.5 years - is a conscientious move as well as keeping aircraft well maintained and optimizing flight procedures so as to reduce noise and CO2  emissions.

A strict waste management, compliant with the ISO “Environment Management System” has also been set up and has been certified locally by the SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber label. New infrastructure at LuxairGroup also forms part of this sustainable development logic.

To that, LuxairGroup adds solidarity with the most vulnerable members of society by supporting organizations on the field, namely Caritas, Croix-Rouge and Stëmm vun der Strooss, with active help in the form of food supplies.

LuxairGroup is also partner of ECPAT, an NGO that fights child prostitution and trafficking of children for sexual purposes. LuxairGroup helps ECPAT Luxembourg to raise awareness and thus regularly relays the child protection campaign through its various media, namely in-flight magazine and in-flight entertainment program.

In 2016 LuxairGroup signed "The Code" on a voluntary basis, an industry-driven initiative founded by ECPAT in cooperation with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The Code is an international instrument to protect children against sexual exploitation in the tourism and travel industry. 

LuxairGroup's voluntary commitments also work to help all kinds of human slavery and trafficking.The principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights guide LuxairGroup in its everyday operations and it adheres to the United Nations' Global Compact initiative. By signing a supplier code of conduct the company commits to run its business activities with ethics as well as in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. 




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