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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

LuxairGroup is a modern, reliable and appealing company, servicing the communities in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. Satisfying customer needs is our priority by offering high levels in security, service and comfort, thus continuously pushing for highest standards to become sustainably a benchmark company and employer.

LuxairGroup is founded on some key values in which we believe very strongly. 
Adherence to these values have brought us success and customer praise, so we think we might have chosen wisely.

All companies have a corporate culture. Our company, LuxairGroup, is built upon Passion, Caring and Responsibility. Each of our four divisions: Luxair Luxembourg Airlines, LuxairTours, LuxairCARGO and LuxairServices share these values and it is the strong bond which makes us efficient as a united company.



PASSION is a rare quality, it makes people want to do their best.

PASSION is when LuxairTours staff constantly tries new resorts and hotels to make you say Wow! and want to discover enticing new destinations with each new issue of our numerous Tour Guides.

PASSION is when our cleaning staff arrives at 5AM and only leave the planes when they shine like new, inside and out.

PASSION is when the Chefs at Catering devision of LuxairServices imagine new mouth-watering menus to offer you a great meal in the sky, may you be travelling for business or leisure.

PASSION is when a team leader at LuxairCARGO works hard to unload containers of toys because it is soon Christmas and children are full of hope.



CARING within the company generates strong human and social ties, bringing an uplift team spirit and efficient interactions between divisions. It also helps our culturally-rich staff of 43 different nationalities bring out their best, to the benefit of the company and its customers.

CARING aboard a Luxair Luxembourg Airlines flight, is when a smiling flight attendant brings you a second cup of coffee, because it's an early morning business flight, and you are not quite awake yet.

CARING is when the LuxairServices Passenger Assistance team ensure you to a quick and trouble free check-in.

CARING is when your LuxairTours representative is going to phone half a dozen hotels, because you really want to visit this city, and didn't have time to book ahead.

CARING at LuxairCARGO is when the Loading Supervisor personally comes to the aircraft to find space for that heavy machinery pallet which must absolutely leave today, and you gave your word to the customer not to worry.



RESPONSIBILITY LuxairGroup believes very strongly in assuming responsibility, individually and collectively. Individual responsibility is about being proud in your job and doing it to the best because you know other people are absolutely counting on you to do it right.

RESPONSIBILITY at Luxair Luxembourg Airlines is when a Pilot training in a simulator reruns the flight yet another time, to be absolutely sure he knows the new procedure by heart.

RESPONSIBILITY at Luxair Technics is when a maintenance engineer decides to change a part on an aircraft, even though it has not reached its rated hours. Flying is a daily miracle, responsability keeps it safe.

RESPONSIBILITY is when the LuxairTours agent calls a distant country to make sure the new tourist guide is ready at the destination to greet you and your family, so that you will have a wonderful time discovering his country.

RESPONSIBILITY at LuxairCARGO is when you have a planefull arriving of fragile tropical flowers, ensuring this plane is unloaded first so the blooms stay fresh becomes your top priority.


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